Анна Ахматова „Requiem“

16. August 2013 § 3 Kommentare

На прошлой неделе я прочитала стихотворение «Requiem» Анны Ахматовны. Она описывает, как её сына за гроши посадил в тюрьму во время режима Сталина. Она рассказывает об унынии в тюрьме и о страхе смерти. У неё чудесное чувство для мелодии языка и запоминающаяся метафора как, например «каменное слово» (= приговор) или «как из-под век выглядывает страх».

Мой любимой стих был:

Нет, не под чуждым небосводом,
Не под защитой чуждых крыл –
Была тогда с моим народом,
Где мой народ, к несчастью, был. (Апрель, 1957)

Я уже прочитала некоторые стихи Анны Ахматовны и я ею восхищаюсь. Сейчас я учу наизусть один из её стихови, под названием «Легкие летят недели» (1939).

Anna Achmatowa: Requiem. Berlin: Oberbaum Verlag, 1987


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§ 3 Antworten auf Анна Ахматова „Requiem“

  • Ekaterina sagt:

    Oh, I love this poem! When we were asked to learn some lines from it in school, I just couldn’t stop and learned half of it! I’m amazed that you read poetry in a foreign language: I always find it more difficult than prose! Also, you writing in Russian is great. Guess reading such amazing authors as Akhmatova helps you Russian style :)) Good luck with learning the poem by heart! Great progress! 🙂

    • Juleschka sagt:

      Thanks a lot! I’m very happy about your compliment for my Russian writing style! Frankly, I always think I sound awfully weird and stiff in Russian. It’s true that poems are usually difficult. I just avoid poems that are too symbolic which would make it too hard for me to understand them and find some poor Russian speaking victim to explain some phrases to me I still don’t understand 😉 I prefer poetry over prose since it’s easier to read and translate one poem than a chapter at a time. I’ll write a wrap up post tomorrow, but I can already tell you now that I had a lot of fun and headaches with this challenge 🙂

  • […] I went in to the challenge with big ambitions. To re-cap: I wrote a post about the movie “Kukushka”, which was a very touching story about three people drawn together in a deserted area by war, trying to communicate in three different languages. My second attempt of writing a Russian post was about Anna Achmatovas sorrowful poems in her collection “Requiem”. […]

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