The Language Freak Summer Challenge Wrap Up

8. September 2013 § 4 Kommentare

4dc6c-language_freak_button_newI joined the challenge a bit later than most of the participants – not that I noticed any of it, since our lovely host Ekaterina made me feel welcome instantly! She supported us participants with regular updates on her blog about our progresses and I’m very happy to have found in her a native Russian speaker, who’d read my Russian posts and encourage me to go on.

I also had the chance to read a few posts in German written by non-native speakers and help them out. It gave me such a happy feeling of being useful. I already saw, that Ekaterina deservedly got lots of positive feedback so I’d say it was an all around big success 🙂

I went in to the challenge with big ambitions. To re-cap: I wrote a post about the movie “Kukushka”, which was a very touching story about three people drawn together in a deserted area by war, trying to communicate in three different languages. My second attempt of writing a Russian post was about Anna Achmatovas sorrowful poems in her collection “Requiem”.

I didn’t meet all of my aims, since I really wanted to review at least another movie and at least another book. I’m planning on doing it regardless during September since it was that much fun 🙂

I had a lot of headaches and a lot of fun. Thank you, Ekaterina, for hosting such a wonderful challenge!

Finally I want to hint at, which is a website where a whole lot of language students post entries in the language they are learning and correct entries in their native language of fellow students – it’s very much like what happened through out this challenge and might be a motivation for bloggers to keep up their foreign language studies.


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