Douglas Coupland: Player One [Review]

25. Juli 2013 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

I read this one in English, might as well review it in English.

Player One is an apocalyptic novel. Five strangers coincidentely meet at an airport bar. Karen, who very much evokes images of an average mother in my head. She dresses sophisticatedly, has a 15 years old daughter, is divorced and lonely. She traveld across the American continent just to meet up with Warren, who she got to know in some dubious chat room online. Warren is described as looking like a repeat-sex-offender. He walks into the bar, immediately places his hands on Karens tights and insists on calling her „Sunshine“ all the time, giving me the notion he simply forgot her name. On the other side of the bar there is Luke. Luke is a former priest, who just this morning lost his faith, stole all of the Church’s money he had served for and escaped to this godforsaken place. Behind the bar works Rick, who has been dry for the last fourteen months and is about to be hoaxed by some fake TV-life couch. Rick is excitedly looking forward to this. Across the room sits Rachel, who tries to get the bars computer to work and has some mild autism symptoms. She overheard her father doubting her being a human being; so she came to this bar to prove him wrong by the only way she can think of. By reproducing. And lastly, there is Player One, who is introduced as a ghost of a machine or Rachels avatar in Second Life. At the end of each chapter it gives an outlook onto the next chapter, therefore predicting the future of every person in the room.

All of this people are confined together when suddenly the oil prices explode. Power and water supplies stop, there are some explosions heard not too far away and people going crackers. It’s anarchy right away.

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