Lets get started: Language Freak Summer Challenge

28. Juni 2013 § 4 Kommentare

Nikolai Gogol: Nos. Stuttgart: Reclam Verlag, 2011

Nikolai Gogol: Nos. Stuttgart: Reclam Verlag, 2011

Today I completed all the stressful tasks I had to do until the end of June, which means I’m finally free to officially enter the Language Freak Summer Challenge.

In celebration of that I got myself two essential items to get started – so consider this a little haul.

First I got myself an edition of Gogols „Нос“ (The Nose), which I conveniently already have in German on my bookshelf. As you can see, this special edition comes with a little list of translated vocabs at the bottom. They even explain grammar or unusual vocabs. For example Gogol uses „Кофии“ for coffee, which Russians nowadays would call „кофе“. Now this is awefully convenient. Still, I needed 10 minutes to read this page alone. I’m really not used to reading Russian and this is pretty much the original text. And even though I really needed a long time to understand every single word, I did it without a dictionary. I’m really looking forward to read through this.

Next I went to the library. The awesome thing about our public libraries is, that they don’t only have books, but DVDs and CDs as well in their stock. All kinds of DVDs. Even in Russian. So I got my hands on „Kukushka“, an award winning movie about “the language of love” by Sergej Eisenstein. It’s in Russian and comes with German and French subtitles. Naturally I’ll try watching it without subs and then watch it again with the German subs enabled.

So, this is what I’ve been up to. Thought that I should let you know 🙂

Let the games begin!


Challenge accepted! the language freak summer challenge

24. Juni 2013 § 2 Kommentare

Irrelevant scribble challenges its readers to participate in the language freak summer challenge – and I’m going to participate!

As already mentioned here, I read a book in Russian during the bout-a-book-read-a-thon and was that impressed with my formerly very much (and still a little bit) doubted skill that I decided to read more foreign language books with increasing difficulty levels.

Speaking of levels, the challenge actually has some too. I’m aiming for intermediate, which means I’m going to read at least two books in the language of my choice.
My mother tongue is German (obviously most of my content is in German). I’m fairly fluent in English (I’ll probably have a hundred mistakes in this posts therefore proving the former statement wrong) and on an intermediate level in Russian. I even speak a tiny tiny bit Croatian.
So this is what I’m aiming for:

  • to read 2 books in Russian (adapted editions, since I’m not ready yet for „War and Peace“ in its full glory) – an absolute must
  • to read that 1 bilingual (Croatian/German) edition of some novel I have lying around in my room somewhere – optional
  • Bonus level: watch at least 2 Russian movies with English, Russian or German subtitles – again an absolute must

As soon I have decided on (aka bought) the books I’m going to read in Russian, I’ll post and update – so stay tuned.
I had planned to work on my Russian during the summer anyway, so this comes in handy. If you had similar plans or were looking for motivation to get a grip on a language you had learned years before again, I highly recommend doing the same! Have fun!

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