Top Ten Things That Make A Good Read

28. Mai 2013 § 6 Kommentare

This is the first time I’m participating in the Top Ten Tuesday Meme and incidently the first post I write in English on this blog. So, let’s make it a blast.

Whenever I look around the blogosphere I’m amazed at how peoples tastes differ. Someone is completely over the moon for a certain book, someone else is weirded out by it and the next one finds it plain boring. How does that happen?

There are some hundred articles by literary theorists who cared to explain what makes a good book, but to this day the matter stays pretty much unresolved. There is of course a canon – a selection of books which people of a certain area and era agree on them being excellent and worthy to be remembered. Still, just because some canon says „Moby Dick“ is a really great book, I’m not guaranteed to enjoy it (which I didn’t, by the way). I guess, we can only make ourselves a parameter for what makes a good book.

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